The Harvest



The Harvest is coming and a full moon casts it's October light over the Season of the Witch, affording the perfect atmosphere for Mary and Sebastian, who decide to go to a downtown Halloween carnival. Inside, they meet a stranger named Pomona, who they find crying next to the Fountain of Demons. Pomona is not who she seems to be, but who or what is she? As Mary and Pomona grow closer, Sebastian notices that Mary begins acting strange, an altered version of herself. After which, Pomona then tries to become close with Sebastian but he is very leery, sensing something is just not right with her delusive intentions. 

13 Days of the Beast



Let us delve into the life of a frightened man. Meet Travis Tarplin, a young man without a path in his dull, predictable life. That is, until he finds a mysterious suitcase on his doorstep. His life begins to take a bizarre turn as he is plagued by a mysterious force inside the case, bringing out the inner evils that only that dark side of man is capable of. Torture. Murder. Mayhem. Experience what Mr. Tarplin experienced as we take you on this journey into the strange and terrifying.




Based on the true account of the M.O.N. murders; four friends experience first hand the psychotic mind of a madman as told through one of the most bizarre letters written by an anonymous source calling itself M.O.N. This film is a word-for-word representation of the events that unfolded on these four youths in Goatshead, Ca. Nothing could prepare them for the unspeakable insanity that they would encounter, not only around them...but also in their own minds.